Figueroa, Volkmann early winners at UFC on Versus 5

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Figueroa, Volkmann early winners at UFC on Versus 5

MILWAUKEE — Jacob Volkmann and Edwin Figueroa took early victories at the UFC on Versus 5 card at the Bradley Center on Sunday night.

Volkmann wins decision

Jacob Volkmann took a grappling filled-decision on the second fight of the card, earning 29-28 on all three judges cards.

Castillo set the tone early in the first round with leg kicks, but then Volkmann stopped them with a takedown directly into a tight choke. Somehow, Castillo escaped. They returned to their feet, and Castillo hit Volkmann with a nasty kick to the ribs.

The second round was dominated by wrestling. Volkmann stopped Castillo’s takedown attempt, and though Castillo showed flashes of control, Volkmann controlled. Again, he twisted Castillo into a choke, but was unable to finish before the fight ended.

Volkmann’s wrestling again dominated the third, as did his inability to apply a proper choke. He finished out the fight in definite control, but at the same time, his lack of finishing power was showcased.

This win marks Volkmann’s fourth in a row, while the loss stops a winning streak for Castillo.

Figueroa gets TKO

After a bizarre start to the fight, Edwin Figueroa took over for a TKO.

Early in the first round, Reinhardt motioned for Figueroa to engage, the Texan did that, cracking Reinhardt with a knee and then grabbing him in a guillotine. Reinhardt responded by getting out and taking Figueroa’s back, but he was unable to secure a choke. That allowed Figueroa to come back with strong striking and finish the round out in control.

In the second, Figueroa took over, quickly securing full mount. He finished with a bevy of punches, ending the bout just 50 seconds into second round. This is Figueroa’s first win in the Octagon, as he lost his UFC debut to Michael McDonald.

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